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Traditional pork pie seasoning

Traditional pork pie seasoning

This is an authentic seasoning for a traditional British pork pie, this recipe is used by quality butchers and farm shops to rave reviews. Included is a recipe guide for Franco's famous hand raised, hot water crust pastry which is a showstopper!


Pork Meat (mince 8mm)  50%  10lb 0oz 4.5kg
Pork Meat (mince 5mm) 30% 6lb  0oz 2.7kg
Pork Pie Seasoning 3% 0lb 10oz 0.27kg
Rusk  7% 1lb 6oz 0.63kg
Cold Water/Ice   10% 2lb 0oz 0.90kg
Total  100% 20lb 0oz 9.0kg

*Please note Rusk is required for this recipe

Method - Using a mixer

1. Place the minced meat in the mixing bowl, add the rusk and seasoning. Mix to disperse well.

2. Gradually add cold water. Mix until absorbed and the desired texture is obtained.

3. Leave to cure for 1 hour at room temperature. Fill into pie shells as required.

Method - Using a bowl cutter

1. Place the meat in the bowl cutter, add the seasoning and the rusk. Chop on slow speed to disperse well.

2. Gradually add the cold water, chop until absorbed and the desired texture is obtained.

3. Fill into pie shells and allow 1 hour to cure before cooking.


In this recipe, the assumption has been made that the weight of the filling will be equal to the total weight of pastry.


1. The pies should be baked at 400F (200C) to an internal temperature of 160F (72C).

2. The pies can be glazed before or after cooking.


Geletine can be added to the pork pies after baking if required.









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