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Cacciatore salami seasoning

Cacciatore salami seasoning

The typical Italian hunter's salami. This makes pocket sized snack salamis that are ideal for picnics and snacking. Their small size ensures that these salami are quick to cure and can be eaten within 2 weeks.







Caccaitore-or hunter's salami, so called as they were small enough to fit in a hunter's pocket.

These are an easy to make salami and are ideal for beginners.

This is an all in one seasoning that includes nitrate/nitrites that give the salami its characteristic colour and also inhibits that growth of dangerous organisms. Curing any meats without nitrates/nitrites is highly dangerous and is not recommended.

50 g per kg usage rate ie 50 grammes seasoning per kilo of raw meat

Recipe guide

1 kilo lean pork
500 grammes pork fat
500 grammes beef
100 grammes Cacciatore seasoning.
1 gramme LS 25 Starter culture*

* LS25 is a culture of Lactobaccilus which produces lactic acid thus helping to prevent spoilage, it gives the salami its authentic taste and although not an essential ingredient will greatly improve the end result.

1.Mince pork, beef and fat together
2.Add seasoning into the meat and mix well.
3.Mix a tablespoon of water with the starter culture and mix into the meat.
4.Stuff into large hog casings.
5.leave to incubate for 12 hours at 30 degrees C away from draughts.
6.Leave to mature at 15 degrees C.

The salami will be ready to eat when it has lost around 30% of its weight.


Salt, milk powder, dextrose,coriander,black pepper,white pepper, garlic powder, mace. E250 sodium nitrite ,E251 sodium nitrate.




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